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Join Us For
Marked for Millions
Vision Board Party

This ain't your average vision board party! We are moving our visions from paper to profit! 

God wants you wealthy to further His kingdom! Your God-given destiny is connected to those whom you are called to serve.

It's time to dominate your lane so you can create generational wealth and win souls!
Come join us for a day of goal getting mindset transformation, food, breakout sessions and panel discussions! 

Happening in Rochester NY, See you there!

From Foster Care
to Millions!


Hi, I'm Annette Campbell, your kingdom wealth coach and profit strategist!


At this event, you’ll discover my life's path that took me from foster care to a place where my business has achieved revenue exceeding $1 million. I want to share with you the wisdom I've gained along the way, the challenges I faced, and the insights that propelled me forward.


This event isn't just about making money; it's about creating a life that's rich in meaning and abundance—where you’re fully harnessing your God-given gifts to break free from limitations and step into a life of abundance, purpose, and unstoppable progress.


Your past, your background, none of it defines where you're headed. Through this event, I want you to see the incredible potential that God has planted in each and every one of us. 


This is going to be very exciting and I hope to see you there!

During This Event, You Will:

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Dive deep into my personal and business journey from foster care to achieving over $1 million in business revenue. You’ll discover valuable insights that have propelled me forward and can empower you on your own path.
Forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who are also on their journey to prosperity and spiritual fulfillment. The event offers a supportive community where you can share experiences and grow together.

Unlock your hidden talents and unleash your God-given gifts. This event is a catalyst for you to realize your full potential and step confidently into a future of purpose and abundance.

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What's included:

Vision board material 
Guest speakers 
Food and drink
Goal planning worksheets 
Everything from the general admission plus: 

Exclusive swag bag 
Vip seating 
Private 1 on 1 meeting 

VIP Admission plus: 

Exclusive gift
Vision board party ticket
Luxury cabin 
Intimate 6 and 7 figure business owners 
Q1 and Q2 execution plan 
Chef prepared meal 
90 day accountability group

Elevate Your Experience With Our Luxury
1-Day Retreat Experience

Dec 2nd

If you’d like to supercharge your transformation to the next level, we’d like to invite you to join our exclusive 1-day retreat, which gives you access to:
  • 6-Month Planning Session
    Join a strategic planning and mastermind session that will set you on a path of consistent, purpose-driven progress for the next year.


  • Guest Speakers
    Gain wisdom from amazing people who have achieved remarkable success and are eager to share their knowledge with you.


Plus, by joining the 1-day retreat, you’ll also get:


  • VIP Gift Bags
    Receive special gifts curated just for you, enhancing your event experience


  • Chef-Prepared Meals

Enjoy mouthwatering dishes cooked by a master chef. Tantalize your taste buds as you feed your mind and soul


Elevate your experience and make the most out of the upcoming Vision Board party. Click the button below to reserve your spot on the workshop and the exclusive 1-day retreat.

I am holding space for 10 ladies for this luxury retreat experience so space is limited! If you know that you are ready to make some massive moves next year to get your business in positions to make millions next year and beyond, you need to be in the room! 

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