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Prepped for Profit

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Kingdom entrepreneurs who know they have been called for entrepreneurship but need the strategy, structure, and systems to make millions in your business. You know God has a purpose on your life, but you need to make a money mindset shift and elevate your faith for the wealthy lifestyle and legacy God wants to bring forth through you. Those who are serious about creating wealth because you know your money has an assignment. You have the anointing and the ability already but you are seeking alignment. You are ready to get the right foundation needed to maintain , manage and run a successful business without burnout, or getting in because you are not in compliance WHAT YOU'LL BE LEARNING INSIDE THE NKMLB COURSE Seek the Kingdom In order to truly have the generational wealth and millions you desire, you must invite God to be the CEO of your business We will explore some biblical principles of seeking the kingdom and doing business God’s ways Business infrastructure       ◦     Choosing your structure       ◦     Systems and processes       ◦     Building a team Message and offer What do your offer suite look like? Is it attracting your dream clients? Tax and accounting       ◦     Learn how to stop overpaying the IRS and turn your lifestyle into a write off       ◦     Learn the basics of bookkeeping and tracking your business expenses and investments Profit planning and scaling       ◦     Positioning you to increase your profit margin so you can pay yourself first

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